2013 – The Vintage that was…

Grape harvest is always an exciting & tiring time of year. It really is a big boys playground – heavy machinery, late nights, deadlines to meet! For the workers, it’s an adrenalin rush – trying to fill the grape bins as quickly as possible & hoping that for once, everything will go according to plan without any machinery breakdowns – wishful thinking really!

21st February 2013, saw us harvest 6.5 tonnes at 10.7 baume of Pinot Noir grapes for our second batch of Zaahira Sparkling Pinot Noir/Chardonnay. On 25th February, we hand picked 2.5 tonnes of Chardonnay at baume 10.6 from a vineyard in Kongorong. We are really excited about the juice in tank for our Zaahira Sparkling. Our winemaker, the lovely Peta Baverstock, has been weaving her magic to produce yet another exceptional wine!
This year, we are also producing our third Vijay Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re not familiar with our wine, this is named after our 10 year old son. Like the flavours in this wine, he is bold and vibrant!
In addition, the ever popular Raj Shiraz is being fermented to keep up with demand! This 2013 Shiraz is shaping up to be at least equal in quality to our medal winning 2009 drop!

The rest of our grapes were sold on contract to large companies, however this year, we harvested 8 tonnes of Pinot Noir grapes for our colleagues, Cape Jaffa Wines as they endeavour to produce their very first Sparkling wine.

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