Our Stockists


We are often asked who our wonderful and supportive local Stockists are:

The Bookshop Coffeehouse and Cellar Door - all varieties
Robe Hotel - all varieties
Robe Bowling Club - Zaahira Sparkling
Caledonian Inn - all varieties
Pizza Project - Zaahira Sparkling, Pyaar Pinot Noir
Sails at Robe - Zaahira Sparkling, Rani Rose, Pyaar Pinot Noir, Vijay Cabernet Sauvignon
Cellarbrations - all Varieties
Beachport Hotel – Mayur Chardonnay, Rani Rose
Beachport Takeaway - Zaahira Sparkling
Beachport Bowling Club - Zaahira Sparkling
Humbugz Honey in Kingston - Zaahira Sparkling, Pyaar Pinot Noir, Vijay Cabernet Sauvignon

We are so lucky to be supplied throughout our local area and are constantly expanding both our wine range and Stockists whilst maintaining our boutique integrity.
2015 is shaping up to be so exciting with the release of our new Sauvignon Blanc and a Merlot. Our creative dept. of 1 is currently in the depths of Hindi translations coming up with suitable names…Stay tuned!

See you around the corner for a drink soon!!

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